Saturday, July 22, 2017

About That Pool

That's a row of shaded chairs with the edge of the shallow end.
The pool. Very well maintained, sparkling clean.

When it's hotter than the gates of hell, it's a very welcome thing. There's also a hot tub. In Palm Springs this time of year, every tub is hot.

New Day, New Digs

Here's the view from right outside the door. I love being able to see the mountains. Being that close to them also means that our city water is coming off that huge aquifer sitting right underneath all that rock. It is wonderful. No need for bottled or imports.
As you can see, the kitchen is still a work in progress. I'm doing a box, resting, chugging water, lather, rinse, repeat. Today is about getting my energy reserves back. Help is coming tomorrow.

Ok, it's been so long since I've used the blogger platform that I have totally forgotten how to rotate a picture. That's my plastic shelf unit, partially filled with cooking tools and stuff. I'll get better organized as I continue to unpack. Getting everything out of the boxes is the first order of business.
Big, cushy, recliner. Perfect thing for aching knees and back.
TV, National Steel Body Guitar, fan on a stand (a good desert trick for keeping your power bills low is to have the thermostat on the AC set high, then make sure you have a fan to move the air. Right now I'm set for 78, the fan makes that very comfortable)
Bathroom. It's not big, but when you live alone, not big can be a very good thing.
Bed and desk setup. I haven't dealt with making the bed or anything like that yet.
The couch is serving quite nicely.

I have a picture I took of the closet area, but it's piled up with clothes and stuff like that. I used a bunch of my clothes for padding in the boxes of dishes, and I haven't stocked up on laundry supplies. Just imagine a big, chaotic mess and you have the picture.

I'm heading to the pool for a quick dip.

We did it.

We got the move accomplished. The boxes are stacked three high. The combination of the heat, the seemingly endless amount of work yet to do, and the release of anticipation that was there before the move has left me, and my sister Kelly both pretty exhausted.

She's home now, giving herself a much needed day to recover. I'm doing the same thing. A box at a time. A task at a time.

Taking it easy. Help is promised tomorrow. I can make tomorrow without busting my ass.

If I by some chance open the box or the bag that has the swimsuits in it I'll take a first dip in the pool.

I have an open document in the word processor that is a list of things I need to get. As I think of it I put it in.

There is plenty of time to get all that stuff done. I have flat busted my ass getting this far in the move. It's time to rest and recover.

Big props to the band kids from Rancho Mirage High School (where sister Kelly teaches), who helped out a great deal getting the trailer and truck unloaded in the blazing heat.

More will follow.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

ok, it's official. i'm going to get back into the blogging game. there are a number of reasons for this, chief among them is that i want to keep a check on myself and not slide into indolence.

my pension is nice, around 2.5K a month, my health insurance and dental in completely covered with small copays, but a few extra dollars i could make from truffles takes me from being able to just get by into being pretty damn comfortable. i like comfortable.

time as a performer has given me a respect and desire to please an audience with my work. where i'm likely to let myself down, i'm not likely to let an audience down.

first things first though. i gotta get this move done. i have my trusty digital camera, i'm an idiot with the cell phone and unless i can find a handy teenager to try to explain how to do something, and then get frustrated with my lack of tech skills and inability to type with my thumbs to grab it out of my hands and just do it i go with my little olympus digital and can review the pics and do any editing or enhancements on the gimp program that i like better than photoshop.

like the great dr. hunter s. thompson said:

"Buy the ticket. Take the ride."