Saturday, July 22, 2017

We did it.

We got the move accomplished. The boxes are stacked three high. The combination of the heat, the seemingly endless amount of work yet to do, and the release of anticipation that was there before the move has left me, and my sister Kelly both pretty exhausted.

She's home now, giving herself a much needed day to recover. I'm doing the same thing. A box at a time. A task at a time.

Taking it easy. Help is promised tomorrow. I can make tomorrow without busting my ass.

If I by some chance open the box or the bag that has the swimsuits in it I'll take a first dip in the pool.

I have an open document in the word processor that is a list of things I need to get. As I think of it I put it in.

There is plenty of time to get all that stuff done. I have flat busted my ass getting this far in the move. It's time to rest and recover.

Big props to the band kids from Rancho Mirage High School (where sister Kelly teaches), who helped out a great deal getting the trailer and truck unloaded in the blazing heat.

More will follow.


Blogger Margot said...

One box at a time. A life-guide.

5:34 PM  

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