Monday, September 03, 2007

A Song For Labor Day(playing it as written this time)

This is a great old labor song. It is very appropos today.

Here's the tune: Click here

Here's Pete Seeger:

Sing folks, it's not illegal. . . . .yet.

Which Side Are You on?
(Florence Reese, 1946)

Come all of you good workers,
Good news to you I'll tell,
Of how that good old union
Has come in here to dwell.

cho: Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?

My daddy was a miner,
And I'm a miner's son,
And I'll stick with the union,
Till every battle's won.

They say in Harlan County,
There are no neutrals there.
You'll either be a union man,
Or a thug for J.H. Blair.

Oh, workers can you stand it?
Oh, tell me how you can.
Will you be a lousy scab,
Or will you be a man ?

Don't scab for the bosses,
Don't listen to their lies.
Us poor folks haven't got a chance,
Unless we organize.

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Blogger Sherry said...

yep! : )

4:43 AM  
Blogger pissed off patricia said...

I had never heard that song before. Thanks!

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found a CD at a thrift shop. It was put out by the United Steelworkers as I recall, for the benefit of some Canadian unions. There's this one song on the disc called "The Scab Hunter" whose chorus goes:

I'm the boy who hunts the scabs
And I'm the boy that finds them
Grab the bastards by their balls
And drag them from the building

11:31 AM  

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