Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 3 - Where I Beg Your Indulgence

In a short time those who Stand Beside the dancers and the elders will gather. We will do a sweat lodge to clean ourselves. Then we will put on our traditional clothes and bring our dancers in.

Once they are with the hat'taalli (medicine singers) the dancers will be fed and given things to drink. When that is finished we will lead them to the place of ceremony.

I cannot bring more than this to you. I am sorry for that but it is a tradition of secrecy that has served us well.

I have appreciated your openess and ready understanding of ways and things that must seem strange. I would be proud, should you ever be out this way, to show you each the beauty of my desert and mountains, to introduce you to my proud and beautiful people.

I leave you with this prayer:

djùnà' ái bìdà' tíngè' t' á ìgaì dì gò'
bè dà' gùnòyè gè' dè yà tc ìndíi dì
djígùnà' ái bìjà jé' dá à' dj ' dè yà tc' ìndí d
'ìckî n dá à' dj ' dè yà h dè yà tc'ìndíi
djùnà' ái bì dùt ' ìjì bìnànt' à' nànt' à' dòxá yò'
bì ' ágòdo dí ì' bì dìs' èsts' tc'ìndíi
djùnà' ái bè bì' ò' gùnòyè ì' yè
bì' ò' gùnòyè gò' dè yà tc'ìndìi
nùgùsts' án biìká' 'ìyú ndzìní' dò à'
hà bídòl gò' dè yà tc'ìndíi
nùgùsts' án biìká' dé 'ì tc' ' òdàsdjà í'
bìyá tì' jòoní bìnàtsé kè s jò ní' bìdlùk jòoní
bínà lzé' 'í t' à' dá' jò dí dò bé' ó ltà' gò'
yèxáidèlà gò dè yà tc' ìndíi
'ìs' à' nà yái k' è' gòjó gò'
yèxáidèlà gò dè yà tc'ìndíi

(Sun, his doorway outside, White water, four-ply
By, above, through mirage, he walks, they say.
Sun, his child one day he walks they say.
Boy, one day the one who walks, he walks they say.
Sun, his turquoise, his chief, never
has he trouble, with him sound approaches they say
Sun by and before him,
before him a mirage forming he walks they say.
Blankets on top of earth, witches none
Can harm him, he walks they say
Earth on top of, people scattered about,
Their talk good, their thoughts good, their laughter good,
Their property of all kinds, good, uncountable
Having been prepared he walks they say.
Long life like, good, having been prepared he walks they say



Blogger Sherry said...

thank you.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous stephen t said...

Though I do not comment frequently, I stop by often and enjoy what you share. Thank you for the prayer. Peace be with you and yours always

3:38 PM  
Blogger Boxer rebel said...

Thank you

6:52 PM  
Anonymous tata said...

Blessed be! You rest now, too.

7:04 PM  
Blogger litbrit said...

Thank you. We were thinking of you today, and wishing you and your cousin well.


7:20 PM  
Anonymous Constant Comment said...

MB: Although I am of "Heinz 57" ancestry (mostly Welsh and German), the heritage of which I am most proud is the tiny part that is Native American. So, it comes naturally for me to have a real curiosity and interest in your rites and culture.
Thanks again for all your narratives. I really find it fascinating. Blessings to you and your cousin on this journey.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Thank you for your generosity,


10:53 AM  
Blogger Maggie Rosethorn said...

MB, if I ever get out that way, be sure I will let you know in advance so we can meet. Thank you for posting the prayer; it's fascinating to see different languages and read how they pray to their god(s). Wish you would record the prayer and download it so we can hear you say it!

Thanks for sharing all this experience, and hope your cousin's ceremony went well.

4:06 PM  

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