Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Random Ten: Courtesy of Pandora

I'm loving on Pandora here. I'm in the middle of cooking up a combination wedding anniversary dinner for both my cousin and his partner and my sister and her husband (19 and 18 years together respectively). My cousin has been staying with me all this week while he recuperates from his ceremony. It's been so nice to have him here. I love having someone to spoil at my place.

Menu to be published later.

Here's the first ten off of Pandora's lineup. If anybody requests it I will give the link to my Pandora station, I have to figure out how to do it, but I promise I will. It is getting cooler as I tweak the feedback loops.

Long Lost Feelin's - - - Buckwheat Stevenson (usually the favorite songwriter whose songs you've hummed for years without knowing who this genius is)

Empire State Express - - - Son House
Painfull Hearted Man - - - Blind Boy Fuller
Girl In Saskatoon - - - Johnny Cash
Hard Travelin' - - - Pete Seeger
Salty Dog - - - Mississippi John Hurt
Island In The Sun - - - Wheezer
Hallelujah - - - Leonard Cohen (Live in Montreal)
Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head - - - Elvis Costello
Black Comedy - - - Bright Eyes
Summer Wages - - - Ian & Sylvia

Bonus Next Track:

Maple Leaf Rag - - - Dave Van Ronk


Anonymous tata said...

Ian & Sylvia. My head just exploded. I haven't heard anything about them since my parents separated in 1973.

I'll get the mop...

10:33 AM  
Anonymous horsedooty said...


back years ago (probably 1970 or 71) during the first folk boom Townes Van Zandt and I went one night after a gig to a party at someones house and there was a singer there named Charles Stevenson. Then he became Buckwheat and then it was reduced down to BW Stevenson when he had his record deal. Incredible singer. Died too young.

Ian Tyson is still singing. Most of the working cowboys I know consider him to be the Poet Laureate of Cowboy Music. He lives in Alberta, Canada area on his ranch and there he raises cutting horses. He and Silva are long divorced. Silva is still singing but I don't know her or much about her. I met Ian in Alpine, TX 10 years ago at the Texas State Cowboy Poetry Gathering. We talked him into staying a few more days and we took him off to the O-2 Ranch and worked cows for the day.

5:23 PM  
Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

the song "summer wages" is one of my very favorites. it's a damned near perfect song. there's enough story to hang your hat on while remaining enigmatic enough to allow room to bring in your own personal experience. BW, for those who don't know, wrote "shambala," which was done by 3dognight, "my maria" which was just covered by brooks and dunn, and a host of other incredible songs. one that i keep of his in my repetoire is "kokomo" (which is not the insipid beach boys drek, but a hard driving, cynical blues)

i'm still at the missing townes every day stage. he drove me up the fucking wall, but i loved him then, and i love him now. even when he was bugging the shit out of me i was grateful for the opportunity to be that close to such a genius. he pissed me off when he chose to die like that but then he never really asked for my permission to do shit. the only thing he'd let me do was love his silly ass 'till the day he died, and every day after. townes would have been able to look at the stupid crypto thingies you have to type in to post a comment, thought about it a few minutes and written a great song about it.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Sherry said...

good ones, truly. i like your taste.

8:59 PM  
Blogger seventh sister said...

tasty stuff... I still miss BW. I went to a memorial service for him on up on Chapel Hill and received at least some healing for a big loss of my own. I agree that he left us way sooner than those of us still here wouldl have preferred.

On another note, I made your pollo en mole' a week or so ago for Stephen's birthday party. Everyone loved it. Thanks for passing the recipe on to us. Of course I told everyone where I got it.

9:27 PM  

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