Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Authoritarians

Bob Altemeyer in conjunctin with the University of Manitoba has put up six chapters of his work The Authoritarians downloadable in PDF form.

This is an excellent work. It was cited extensively by John Dean in Conservatives Without Conscience.

Explanation of the levels and classifications of the authoritarian personality types was instrumental in my own rethinking of my opinion of Mr. Dean himself. My long held view was that he was a snitch and a weasel. Through the reading of Altemeyer I was able to see the supreme effort of courage it took for him to stand up alone against the most powerful man in the world. It was even more gratifying when I read Mr. Dean's book (which he started to write with the advice and consultation of Barry Goldwater) that Mr. Dean himself went through the same readjustment of himself from consulting with Bob Altemeyer.

Give this a read. Better than a reading would be a study. These bastards are real enemies of freedom.


big tip of the cowboy hat to Glenn Greenwald now writing exclusively for Salon.



Anonymous blackdog said...

Way off post, but I thought it might be the time to tell this. When I lived in Neosho I had a great friend, Pat Dave, related to the Cate Bros. We used to play golf all the time together, we were about the same size, although I outwieghed him by some but he was a bundle of muscle and dense tissue, myself, I had a measure of fat.

He was a student in the first class I taught in Neosho, and lo and behold if he didn't live four houses up the street from where i lived.

We became fast friends and he was one smart feller.

He had lived in the woods for a few years after his mariage had busted and his buisness had broken, but when I met him he was coming back to the human race, trying to get his foot back in the door.

As I said, he is a cousin of the Cate Bros. and has a musical bent, just please get him to turn it down on occasion!

Just when things seemed to be so right his girl split and it broke his heart again. I was scared for him and did all I could do to keep him from going back to the forest. Hell, i met him as his teacher for gawds sake.

So on hisa wish we started playing golf all the time, sometimes 36 holes a day. We had a blast, no booze, weed, nothing. Dave is a wiry bastard, about my height but lighter and much stronger.

Well there came a time when Dave paid $350 for a Bid Burtha driver and then married a really neat girl of the Seneca tribe who already had three kids. Dave became a father to those kids, and his new wife, I'll think of her name in a minute, was about half again as big as Dave! A Seneca girl, a pretty one, but a big one to boot!

I guess all I'm trying to say is that Dave has the best of all worlds, a wife, kids and a family and he has come to the task. I am proud of him.

But his wife, who's name I can't remember right now is at least 6' tall an weighs about 150 lbs, has a great figure and a great sense of humore, don't piss her off. I feel proud to know so many diverse individuals.

7:40 PM  

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