Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Random Ten (on the road edition)

This is so cool! I was up and on the road (with my Posse of a violinist and two German girls, the cowboys are gonna think this is one cool Indin) down to Tombstone well before dawn. I love hitting the crest of the Dragoons at or near dawn with Mozart blasting.

But the coolest of all is that after I got the horses turned out (no they're not at the OK corral) and settled in when I returned to the the front end of the horse trailer, yes, for any of you who might be harboring illusions about my immense attraction to women, the girls are staying in the bus, I get the trailer with the critters. But the cool part is that there is WiFi! WiFi floating around free in the old west! Cool!

I've got absolutely nothing to do before two this afternoon when we have a walk through of the show. I will show the German girls around the place, buy them a Sarsaparilla, maybe a stick of the wonderful candies they make at the General Store. I will stay out of gunfights.

Here's a Random ten, from our little hookup. . .

Sunday Street - - - Dave Van Ronk
The Water is Wide - - - Liam Clancy
The Marvelous Toy - - - Tom Paxton
See, See, Rider - - - Ella Fitzgerald
Me, and My Gin - - - Dinah Washington
How Long Has This Been Going On? - - - Dorothy Dandridge
Turn This Car Around - - - Tom Petty
Our Shangri-La - - - Mark Knopfler
Out For a Smoke - - - The Saw Doctors
Gone For Good - - - The Shins


Be True - - - Bruce Springsteen


Blogger Sherry said...

great songs and candy! what more could you want?

10:39 AM  

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