Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dublin Odds

The Irish will bet on anything. Irish bookies are some of the cleverest and quickest odds merchants out there. They've also been far, far ahead of the pundits when it comes to picking the winners. After all, they have real money on the line.

Here's the official Dublin Line from Paddy Power "Lord Mayor of Dublin Bookmakers"

Rudolph Giuliani 11 - 10
Fred Thompson 2 - 1
Mitt Romney 3 - 1
John McCain 12 - 1
Ron Paul 20 - 1
Newt Gingrich 20 - 1
Mike Huckabee 25 - 1
Sam Brownback 33 - 1
Condoleezza Rice 33 - 1

Rudy's the clear favorite at about as close to pick'em as you can go.

Now for the Dems

Hillary Clinton 2 - 5
Barack Obama 3 - 1
Al Gore 7 - 1
John Edwards 9 - 1
Bill Richardson 20 - 1
Evan Bayh 25 - 1
Joseph Biden 33 - 1
Tom Daschle 40 - 1
Wesley Clark 50 - 1

Gore's doing better than Edwards on the Dublin line and he's not going to run. Usually in Dublin if you want to make your own bet, all you do is walk up and say "I want to put a fiver on Wes Clark" and the dodger will cadge the odds for you on the spot. Clark officially endorsed Clinton this morning. Expect a SecDef or SecState position to spring from that early tap.

So, there you have it. I think I'll keep visiting Paddy to keep an close eye on the latest movements. Like I said, the Dublin Line had George W. winning against all the best predictions and fervent wishes of the few sane people left in the country.



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