Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stringing, Trimming and Boxing

This is what the stringing looks like

And I'll just keep going until blogger stops me again. Now it's time to trim the truffles and put them into 2oz souffle cups. I have a wicked, curved cleaver that I use for this. I also put the trimmings into a ziplock
bag. I call it "truffle stuffle" and it is pretty cool crumbled over oatmeal, or waffles, or ice cream or. . .

Now they go a dozen into a 9" octagonal plastic thing I found at Smart & Final. When I first opened my shop in Palm Springs I went through about a year of tracking down leads on box makers trying to find a box that would accomodate my truffles. I finally found a custom place that would make boxes to my specs for a horridly expensive price.

I was all set to fork over the money and was talking with my republican uncle. He's a very astute businessman, and a talented enough tax attorney that he has kept my ass out of jail, he asked me a very pointed question: "Are you selling truffles or boxes?"

I went with the fucking plastic.



Blogger trog69 said...

The picture of the finished products(?) looks good enough to eat. Alright, I'm kidding. I mean I'm not kidding about them, just kidd...they look more delectable than I imagined they would! Awesome work and definitely a labor of love.

10:53 PM  

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