Friday, June 30, 2006

Polaroids From the Underground

This whole thing started as a comment post over at
  • ShakeSpeare's Sister
  • . Then the internet went down and I was left with nothing but a hot, humid afternoon and a blank screen. So I decided to turn this into a post for my little blog

    you can read the comment thread that gave rise to this flight of fancy
  • HERE
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    opening shot, interior
    The scene is a normal house in rural Arizona. The living room has 3 harps, 8 guitars, 2 banjos, a string bass, fender jazz fretless, alvarez/yari acoustic bass guitar, grand piano with an American Flag motif silver and crystal candelabra burning brightly (for when somebody who knows how to play is over, otherwise, it's just for show), two mandolins and two violins hang on the wall by the piano. Underneath the piano there is a suspicious looking accordian case, but mercifully, it's closed so we're all safe for now. The Beautiful and Incredibly Intelligent RENEE is curled up on the couch reading Al Gore's new book AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH while swooning over the chocolate truffles she's eating.

    enter MINSTREL BOY (places Wiccan broomstick by the hall coat tree)

    Boy, I just loves me some Quidditch. Especially when we have that new feminist seeker. She's fast. And you know the best part? There wasn't one fundamentalist asshole in the whole stadium. They were all out trying to track down Harry Potter books to burn, organizing gay cure cuddle parties, making excuses for Rush's addictions, sexual and substance, that hopeless clusterfuck in Iraq that they have no idea how to get out of , the economy about to tank big time behind run away inflation, more congressmen getting arrested, Halliburton mercenaries building concentration camps on the border, thinking up new ways to spin the latest idiotic drivel the preznit spouted, wondering what fucking law to ignore or break next, letting the voting rights act expire, watching Afghanistan fall apart into chaos once again, alienating the rest of Europe, ignoring the AID's epidemic, waiting for the “science” to come in on evolution and global warming, harrasing the families of fallen soldiers and marines at their funerals, bombing abortion clinics, refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control and emergency contraception, setting up bogus 12 step progams to “cure” feminism, making sure that Paris Hilton's inheritence package remains obscene, finding some more journalists to imprison, detaining and torturing people for years without charges in defiance of the constitution they swore to uphold and defend, using government computers to find underage girls to screw, propositioning undercover cops in Oklahoma, organizing the next “Purity Ball”, trying to pick another third world country to invade so dubya can be a “wartime preznit” for two and a half more fucking years, using the power of prayer to keep the hurricanes off the gulf coast, trying to decide when or if ever they are going to clean up the mess from last year's hurricanes, checking out Ann Coulter's page on really gives us some free time to have fun while they're busy with all that shit...Got the voter registration lists ready? Great! Let's get to work. We got us some serious door knocking to do before November.

    (The Beautiful and incredibly intelligent RENEE brings the lists and registration forms they link arms)

    and exit
    Stage Left

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