Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday's Random Ten

Sorry for light posting lately, getting ready for a business trip to L.A. (although when your business travel entails taking a motor home to the beach at Malibu, well, business isgood. I'll try to get Nana's peppermint stick ice cream recipe up before I go. Now, on to the music...

99 Luftballoons (german version) ---- Nena
Oro Se Do Baetha Bhaile --- Sinead O'Connor
Alligator Eatin' Dawg --- Gatemouth Brown
Hard Times -- Emmylou Harris (live at The Ryman)
Death Letter -- Son House
Star of the County Down -- Patrick Ball
Pasties & A G-string -- Tom Waits
Candy Man -- Dave Van Ronk
Eres Tu -- Mocedades
Black Cat Moan -- Jeff Beck (live bootleg)

bonus track (hit random twice take the top)

If You Had Lived --Sweet Honey in the Rock

What ya'll listening too?


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