Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Politics

I've left this little nugget as a comment a couple of places like over at litbrit's but I figured why the hell not post it as a standalone here?

This by no means should suggest that you don't link your hinies over to litbrit's or over to Shakesville or Rez Dog's they are all fine writers and fine people.

Last election cycle I supported Harry Mitchell, mainly because he was running against a dyed in the wool authoritarian nutcase crew cut son of a bitch. I also figured that the bastard from my district Jeff Flake would successfully ram one of the dirtiest nastiest campaigns down the throats of our district and there wasn't much I could do to change that outcome. I supported Mitchell with both cash and with some free music at fundraisers.

So I get this call. It's one of his earnest and sincerety dripping staffers. Wanting money. For the campaign. For the kids. What the fuck ever. I told the staffer that:

"I am far too busy playing the harp and bagpipes at the funerals of kids you guys haven't managed to bring home yet. I haven't a moment to spare worrying about whether or not Mitchell has a job after the next election."

Or words to that effect.


Blogger Sherry said...

good for you! i'm glad you had the chance to say it.

4:56 AM  

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