Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Random Ten: Courtesy of Pandora

I could get to like this. It is a break from the usual fare on my collection. I never have to deal with work stuff bubbling up through the mix. (I will put stuff in progress onto the iPod so that I can maybe hear what needs to be done while I'm shoveling horse poop, which is really the job I'm best qualified to do). Anyway, this morning's Pandora lineup was great.

You Know My Name (look up the number) - - - The Beatles
Behind Blue Eyes - - - The Who
Avalance - - - Leonard Cohen
My Oklahoma Home Blowed Away - - - Pete Seeger
No Good Rider - - - Leadbelly
Love In Vain - - - Robert Johnson
I'll Be Back Home Again - - - Big Bill Broonzy
John Henry - - - Pink Anderson
Sat Down On My Bed and Cried - - - R.L. Burnside
Hard Rain - - - Bob Dylan

Bonus - - - (instead of hitting random twice i just waited four songs)

Please Don't Talk About Me (when I'm gone) - - - Billie Holiday

Another cool thing about Pandora is that the tunes have the "buy" option in case you want to add them to the collection. I like that.


Blogger seventh sister said...

I have been driving around todaywith Willis Alan Ramsey in my cd player.

2:58 PM  

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