Sunday, March 11, 2007

Review of 300 On Hold

I am a history geek. Stuff like the politics and tactics surrounding a battle like Thermopolye really bring this out in me. I was instantly suspicious when I saw the trailers for 300, but I figured, this might encourage some folks to find out what really happened.

My initial feeling is that what happened at Thermopolye doesn't need any pumping up. It doesn't need a bunch of special effects. It certainly doesn't need any parallels to what's happening in Iraq. There was enough stupidity, hubris, double dealing, doomed from the start vision, and pure ass ring tailed warrior courage to spare with what really happened.

I've read several reviews. A danger signal on a movie like this is when they talk about "gorgeous to watch," or, "really brings out the effects." Hayzeus diomio, how about talking about what goes on? Huh?

So, here's what I did. I've lined up three teenaged boys to come with me. I'm sure that, even though two of them are also history geeks, I will get to see what the target audience feels about it.

Coming up sometime tonight, a review of 300, with the perspective of three teenage boys thown in to mellow my curmugeonly cynical snark.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Boston Globe reviewer panned it, saying it largely was really on going to appeal to its target audience of adolescent boys.

- oddjob

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