Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Cottage Cheese

You'd think there were no worlds to explore with a simple thing like cottage cheese right? Wrong. I was thinking a while back on the huge difference in quality when I make bread at home, or yogurt, I wondered what would the difference be with cottage cheese?

I did a little cursory googling and settled on this recipe:

So. Let's get busy.
A half gallon of whole milk is scalded, and 8 - 10 drops of rennet are stirred in. The pot is covered with a clean cloth, the lid placed over that and it is left alone for four hours.

Really. That's it.

After four hours cut up the jiggly curd. Add in a teaspoon salt. Put over a very low flame, and begin to gently stir.
It will start to clump and the whey will begin to separate.
When it looks like this, you're done.
Line a strainer with a cheesecloth or muslin, drain off the whey. (save that stuff, it's loaded with nutrients)