Saturday, September 05, 2015

How I Didn't Get To Syracuse

It's hard to figure out how to complete an assignment when the main subject is something you can't do.

I'm not a college student, although I've been to colleges. Mostly I'm self taught. I read. A lot. I've spent most of my time as a professional musician, but I tend not to discuss the people I've played with, and besides, I'm in the middle of one of those big life change things. I'm getting away from music and doing something I love, for me.

I make incredible chocolate truffles.

That's them. Beauties aren't they? My plan is to move to Palm Springs to make and sell truffles there. I'll still play music, but that's because I pretty much have to play. The difference is I'm going to treat my music like I treat my writing. I do it as something that gives me pleasure. If anyone else likes it that's fine, but it is not why I do it anymore.

I met your Professor under his nom de blog of Lance Mannion back in the blogging stone age when we frequented the old "Shakespeare's Sister" blog which, in one form or another is still going. Email correspondence followed, and the way these things can happen online, I would say we're friends.

I've let this old blog slide into disrepair. I'm going to use this class as a way to get back into it. Feel free to explore the archives and dig around. If I do say so myself, some of them are pretty good. Don't take my word for it though. If you ask me in comments, I'll link you to some of my favorites, and the favorites of others.

I live in the extreme south of California. I'm closer to Mexicali than any major American city.

Because I'm far west with respect to y'all's geography that means if you find yourself late night or early morning stuck or bogged down, or just wanting to find somebody to read and comment on what you've written, chances are I'll be up. I still keep vampire hours.

The thing I enjoyed most about blogging was the complete freedom to follow my muse where it took me. I blogged at group blogs for a while, but quit. It's not like they were paying me or anything.

In my blog I talk about cooking, philosophy, what I am reading, who I love and who pisses me off. That's what I'm going to keep doing here.

Let's have some fun.

You might find this link handy as you go along.