Monday, February 05, 2007

BlogRoll Change

The sidebar has been updated again. It now has Mimus Pauly (of skippy fame) and his fine group effort Mockingbird's Medley

where Rez Dog, Bad Tux and other fine writers contribute.

I was scrolling through the listing and I was reminded that Molly Ivins is no longer writing for earthly publication. Mimus gets her slot.


Blogger pissed off patricia said...

You gotta watch out for that Mocking bird. I walked too close to his nest one time during nesting season and he swooped down and bonked me on the head. Now I put on protective gear and try to stay away from his nest. I think I'm his only visitor who shows up at his site wearing a football helmet and a bullet proof vest.

I don't care how much stuff I have to put on or how many times he swoops down on me, I think he's great.

Very good choice you made when you chose him today. :)

Hopefully Molly will whisper in our ear ever so often and share some of her thoughts with us. I seriously doubt that even death can stop that great lady from getting her word out.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Jim Yeager said...

Oh, PoP's just paranoid, man. My bark is a lot worse than my bite.

Thanks for linking to me. I don't think I'm capable of filling Molly's boots, but I'll see what I can do...

7:01 PM  

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