Monday, July 24, 2006

New From The Doctor

I had X-Rays taken of my left wrist today. A full CT has been ordered but it looks like there isn't any return of the carpal tunnell syndrome I've already had two surgeries to correct. The consensus of the Radiologist and the Orthopod is that this is just good old fashioned arthritis. Many excellent treatments available. *sighs*

Now I intend to bow to the temperature (117° by the thermometer on the porch) and spend the rest of the afternoon in the pool.


Blogger Deborah Newell said...

I have mild arthritis in my hands and arms; mainly it's just morning stiffness and soreness in my fingers, wrists, and elbows. But it definitely affects me; for example, I avoid buying the larger-sized bottles of Tide, despite being a virtual 24/7 laundress, because it hurts my hands to pick them up and pour the stuff!

Plus, there are typos that result when I try to type quickly before, say, 9:00 am. *sigh*

Glucosamine, baby. I do Emergen-C tangerine flavor with glucosamine. The massive dose of C is good for tissue repair, too.

2:39 PM  
Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

I am currently doing the Glucosamine (same brand too!) along with aspirin (seems to be better than tylenol, don't know why, just going on feel) that, and icing after performances seems to be helping along. I also was advised to break my practice schedule up more. I am now giving myself 90 minutes of rest and downtime after every hour of practice. The CAT should reveal if there is anything lurking below the surface, but it's very good to know that the carpal tunnell has not reared its ugly head. the biggest strain on the wrist is the banjo. the rapid motion and constant movement seems to be the one that strains things the most (I would have guessed the guitar). So far, the doctor has been very encouraging that some minor adjustments on my part should do the trick. (of course sitting in the waiting room i was seeing myself on a street corner with dark glasses and a cup of pencils playing a busted harmonica)

3:21 PM  
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