Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Random Ten

I am hard at work on a post about the Eagle Dance, life keeps intruding though, I manage to put in a few moments each morning, each afternoon, and each evening. OK, that's a lie, there was a Suns game on last night and I didn't do shit.

Hit random, take the first ten songs.

One More Night - - - Barbra Streisand
Back Then - - - Wanda Jacks
'Till I Gain Control Again - - - Emmylou Harris
July, Julie, Angel Rain - - - John Stewart (miss ya hoss, miss ya)
Don't Explain - - - Nina Simone
Bluegrass - - - Pearl Baily
Summerwind - - - Vaughn Monroe
Les Singes - - - Jaques Brel (live bootleg 1961 Le Hot Club du Paris)
You Can Never Hold Back Spring - - - Tom Waits
Mozart, Symphony #5 - - - Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

Bonus track

Chicka, Chocka, Sha La La - - - Lightnin' Hopkins


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