Saturday, December 01, 2007

New From the World of Truffles

I'm on day 2 of making the crystallized ginger for the truffles and it struck me that I had neglected to inform ya'll of one of my favorite cheats on that recipe. That happens with me a lot. It's one of the reasons I have never felt I was a very good teacher. Especially with things that I do almost without conscious thought, like playing guitar, harp or riding a horse. Because I do it working from muscle memory I will often leave out a cruicial step, not because I am planning to sabotage anyone, it's just that I do it without thinking.

Here's the cheat code that I forgot to include in the original recipe. If you start day 2 early in the morning, you can do the step for day 3 late at night. So although I am doing to the fifteen minutes of simmering right now. I intend to do the next thirty minutes of simmering along with the addition of the final two cups of sugar tonight.

I had been a little troubled by the way it took 7th sister an extra day when she followed my recipe as written.

Sorry for costing you a day m'dear.



Blogger seventh sister said...

I had actually considered doing procedure early in the morning and then another just before I went to bed. I wasn't on a timeline so the extra day was OK with me. I'll be making more for Christmas presents but I won't start until next week. My soap won't be cured until the 12th so I won't be getting anything in the mail until after that.

5:09 PM  

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