Friday, January 26, 2007

Apology for Light Blogging

Some of it is from having been working extra hours on a project for a friend. No money, just some good music which will back a PSA for a good cause. Because he's doing it on the cheap and mostly out of his own pocket and I play a lot of different instruments he has been calling about twice a day saying "I was thinking that if we used the. . ."

Some of it has been watching the President stupidly and blindly waste the lives of young Americans so that he can avoid acknowledging that he is a dismal, defeated failure who lied us into an illegal invasion, botched it badly, turned the invasion into an brutal occupation, botched that badly and now can't admit to himself and to the nation that there isn't any hope of a graceful or even an honorable ending to the debacle that he and his cronies created and profited from. It's all so stupid and vile that I have been working extra hard at not paying attention to it. I will say this.

If my sense of impending doom is wrong, if they don't gin up a bombing or invasion of Iran, if their escalation in Bagdhad produces anything but more chaos and death, I will publicly and happily say the words that the President is incapable of saying:

I was wrong.

I would love to write that. I would be delighted to write that.

The final reason for my light blogging is just plain old bog-simple laziness. Usually I will try to find something to link to, a video to post or some other small diversion. I haven't. I've been lazy and indolent. I apologise.


Blogger konagod said...

Good timing my man, because I've been too busy to read!

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Marcus said...

I only have one request to add to your workload. Could you bring back your "Friday Random 10"? I like to see the music tastes that progressive blogospherians (is that a word?) like to listen to. I've been enticed to pruchase some of it a time or two.....

6:31 PM  
Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

i will certainly try to do that. i just sort of forgot all about that one. i will even throw one in tomorrow. thanks for the reminder marcus.

9:04 PM  

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