Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Random Ten

Whew! Is it Friday already? What with fretting and fussing about the coming election, trying to keep my thoughts of a republican theft at bay and small hope alive. I must highly recommend a thoughtfull, well written piece by my friend, The Dark Wraith. Please be active this election cycle. If we are not watching like hawks they could steal even our promise of hope.

Good! You're back. I'm hitting Random and the top ten are....

Like a Rolling Stone - - - Bob Dylan and the Band, live at Albert Hall
Gun Street Girl - - - Tom Waits
Got My Mojo Working - - - Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf live at House of Blues
Diamonds in the Mine - - - Leonard Cohen
Wreck of Ol' 97 - - - Lester Raymond Flatt
How Long Blues - - - Furry Lewis
Tumbling Dice - - - Linda Ronstadt
Her Mind is Gone - - - Professor Longhair
Adagio for Strings - - - Samuel Barber (Arturo Toscanini conducting RCA Orchestra 1939)
Piobairechd - - - Wicked Tinkers (if you're not hip to these guys get some)

Bonus (and if it's good we'll do another)

Rockin' In the Free World - - Neil Young (unplugged too!)

Bonus Bonus

The Tide is High - - - Desmond Decker

What ya'll listenin' too?


Blogger Pogo said...

Just put some Marshall Tucker Band and Boz Skaggs in the CD changer.Still listening to Allman Bros., Clapton, SRV, Dixie Chicks and Knopfler/Harris. Life is good. Have a good bud who used to go to the black clubs around Mobile to listen to Howlin' Wolf - can't get him to shut up about it after 35 years.

12:29 PM  
Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

A friend an I once totally intimidated the "new, up and coming, skinny, white, blues wonder" by taking him to the storied Madame Zenobia's in the Crenshaw district. He was too scared to even try and play anything, which meant Madame Z wouldn't kick down with any of her amazing bar-be-que....ahhh the fun we had...

2:22 PM  

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