Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Random Ten

Here's the soundtrack for the morning. The day's plans involve taking my nephew to see Kung Fu Panda and very little else.

Go Celtics! (I'm not a big Boston fan, but I'd rather see Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen get their first rings than see Kobe get his fourth)

On to the music:

If That Ain't Country - - - David Allen Coe (live bootleg from the Belly Up in Solana Beach, Steve Goodman and I are sitting in)
La Cenerentolla - - - Rossini
Macbeth - - - Verdi
Winey, Winey - - - The Kingstonians
400 Years - - - Bob Marley
The Liberty Bell March - - - John Phillip Sousa (performed by the Marine Band)
Baba O'Reilly - - - The Who
Think! - - - Aretha Franklin
The Pill - - - Loretta Lynn
Lady Midnight - - - Leonard Cohen

Bonus Track:

Grandma's Hands - - - Bill Withers

I expect to have the Salsa Bandera recipe up sometime later today. My nephew ate me out of fresh chips and salsa yesterday. He wants more. We'll make more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grandma's Hands is still wonderful. Mmm.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Clay Eals said...

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You can find out more at my Internet site (below). The book's first printing just sold out, all 5,000 copies, and a second edition of 5,000 is available now. The second edition includes hundreds of little updates and additions, including 30 more photos for a total of 575. It just won a 2008 IPPY (Independent Publishers Association) silver medal for biography:

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