Thursday, September 14, 2006


This organization was started by returning veterans who want to make sure that their voices are heard in the election cycle. I've done some research on them and found out that General Wesley Clark is a board member. They are Iraq and Afghanistan veterans speaking out and up for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. They state that the core mission of is:
to support the veterans of America's most recent conflicts as they run for public office, and to ensure that no politician in Washington gets away with votes or words that hurt the troops and veterans.

I'm down with that.

Watch their ad Body Armor. It is being run in Virginia and is, quite simply, the best political ad I have seen this cycle.

There is also a button you can click to donate to them so they can keep running their ad. I did.


I got comments working again. I wish I knew how I messed it up in the first place. Sorry the Haloscan experiment failed so miserably. Feel free to leave any comments on Ann Richards here.

crossposting accomplished at a place where there ain't no season on varmit, no bag limit neither.


Blogger Pogo said...

Thanks for the invite from PoP's place. Let me pass on an invitation for you to vist Crawfordslist - PoP & I areregulars, along with some folks I imagine you'll enjoy.

I really don't have any guitar questions just yet - I'm still in the somewht painful process of conditioning my fingers and learning chords & scales. I'm taking lessons from a great guy - got one of those music BAs and can play the shit out of a guitar. Oh, and as a great plus, he's very patient and tolerant of clinkers. My 9 year old is taking as well, but practice is something he doesn't like to do as much as I do, but I can't complain too much, having been there myself. Just sorta FYI, I play an old SquireII strat (1 bridge humbucker and 2 single coils) I picked up used for a song in a now defunct music store. Always wanted a strat back in the day, and this one is as nice as any non US Fender I've seen, only drawback is that it may be the heaviest strat I've ever picked up. I'll probably pick up another guitar in the near future - am considering either a Gibson or Heritage Les Paul or a Paul Reed Smith. May also consider a Guild semihollow, but haven't really looked into them much. Also have an older (@ 25 years) Fender acoustic (symetric peg head) I mess about with. Tend toward rock and blues. I'll stop by from time to time - stop in over at Craig's place; we always welcome newcomers.

7:26 AM  
Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

welcome pogo. some of the most germaine questions i get from people just starting out in music involve hardware. i own a lot of instruments. i'm not a collector per se, but i am a pro and there are tools specialized to a specific sound. nothing on earth sounds like a ricky 12 string and if that's the sound the producer is looking for you best have a ricky 12 in the box. this has actually already given me an idea for a post on the tools of the trade. i will see what's over at crawfords. (hoping PoP has it on her sidebar, but, if not, i'll search dillegently)

9:28 AM  

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