Monday, September 11, 2006

General Wesley Clark on September 11th

This my friends is why I loves me some General. I got this email today. This is why when it comes to getting me off of my country butt to do some heavy political lifting, General Clark is the man. Hoo-rah!
I think there are two clear paths ahead. This nation can listen to the dictates of fear and hubris as the administration alternately ignores Al Qaeda and then trumpets their success. Alternately brags about success in Iraq and then ignores it, and all the while beats the tom-toms for war with Iran.

Yes, our country could slide that way if we listen to the dictates of fear. But we have nothing to fear in this country. We're still the greatest power in the world. And we can be the greatest force of good in the world. And we can keep ourselves safe.

I'd like us to resolve on this 5th Anniversary of 9/11, that we as Americans no longer need live in fear. We should live in determination that we'll protect ourselves. Support our friends and allies around the world. Work together to solve the common problems that face mankind. And above all, we'll make sure that at home that we never sacrifice the liberties and rights that define our country. Even in an effort to protect ourselves.

We can have it all. We can do it all.

We just have to be courageous and face the facts as they are and work for the future as we want it to be.

You can visit WesPac, his website to keep abreast of his speaking engagements and fundraising activities. Like I said in the previous post, I not only will play for free for mon general, I kick in some money to boot.


Blogger Deborah Newell said...

Any idea if the General will run for President again? Because if Al stays on the sidelines, he can count on my Mum's vote, my sister's vote, and (homeland security willing, and providing my citizenship journey winds up in time for Nov. 08), my very first vote.

He is one lovely man: classy, smart, and terribly, terribly diplomatic. I adore him.

7:09 PM  
Blogger Dark Wraith said...

Good evening, Minstrel Boy.

General Clark has more than a few supporters out there, and he has the potential to be a significant contender. I have only one serious reservation about him. If he would be willing to address that matter forthrightly, he would turn my qualified support into something far more substantial. I am hopeful that he will at some point speak to the issue that concerns me (and perhaps a few others).

The Dark Wraith might have to ask the General to grant a brief interview one of these days very soon.

10:23 PM  
Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

the most the General will say right now, because he is mainly focused on this november, is that he is not not running. he is tireless in his support and fund raising for democrats, and especially democrats that have recent combat experience in the misadventures of this adminstration's oil whore foriegn policy. he has a great eye for detail though. i have a miniature ribbon from one of my decorations. when i was playing at a fund raiser he held in l.a. (which was raising money for dems across the country) i wore that ribbon on my lapel. it's just a little strip of red, white, and blue ribbon. the general noticed from a pretty good distance away and came over to shake my hand and tell me "when they gave out those out back then it meant a lot more than photo ops and p.r. spin didn't it?" i told him yes, indeed. as far as interviews go, he's pretty open. i've seen him touch on a lot of different subjects, like stem cell research, he'd fund it, reproductive rights, he's behind that (although in a libertarian stance of it being none of the government's fucking business), he's also got himself a pretty hard core case of down south populism that i find refreshing. he hasn't said anything yet that i would call a deal breaker. i've pretty much decided that i'll back clark as long as he runs with it, and if he's not the party's nominee, i'll back who ever is tough enough to beat him. i ain't sitting this one out. i would also love to see gore do something significant. i think either of them would be superb.

11:03 PM  
Blogger pissed off patricia said...

My choice for prez right now is Sen Russ Feingold. If he chose Clark to run with him as vice, I would love that ticket.

7:14 AM  
Blogger David Hernandez said...

General Clark is the man...the real deal. Not only is he the source on foreign/ miltary / security affairs but in my opinion his ideas and knowlege in domestic matters is second to none.
Wesley Clark is the "WHOLE BALL OF WAX!" He will have the most difficulty in capturing the nomination, but if he does watch out! ...he will cream whoever is running on the GOP side.

8:10 AM  
Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

i also admire russ feingold a great deal. i hope the dems are able to take a page from the ronald reagan playbook during the primaries and not speak ill of each other. there will be plenty of time to trash which ever empty suit the republicans decide to run. something that is very heartening is that there are guys like feingold, gore, and clark who actually have plenty of good things to say about themselves without having to go with the "at least i'm not as bad an idea as. . ." we shall see my friends.

9:15 AM  
Blogger trog69 said...

Those words by the General really touch a nerve with me. God, all that has been wasted by greedy arrogance, forcing the people to work so hard just to survive that they don't have the time to wade through the hubris and filthy lies to see what is being done in their names. Sometimes, as a salve, I remind myself that dirty political tricks have been a staple since probably forever, yet the world keeps spinning. But, these warmongering whores have erased, in less than a decade, much that was done before them. I stand with you all to work as hard as I can to help get these scum out.

8:36 PM  
Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

i have never been a big fan of the "politically correct" wing. i once made a good friend and activist singer very mad because while she was introducing a song she used that phrase "politically correct" and i blurted "darlin' if you're politically active at all, that's correct." but i believe that. i believe that if general clark gets elected to high office we need people to question, examine and even oppose his positions and programs. one of the most disgusting things i find about this whole "you're with me, or you're helping the terrorists" line is that if their policy and strategy for fighting a war that is killing our children cannot withstand debate and analysis how in the blue-eyed world can it be expected to withstand an assault from an enemy? i'm just askin' is all.

11:26 PM  
Blogger trog69 said...

The PNAC crowd know from past experience that they can't get the People behind their dreams of empire, so they have just changed the names of the playing pieces and recolored the gameboard; they have their Pearl Harbor and no way are they stopping now. Iran may play diplomacy games with the US/UN, but to Cheney Permanent bases in Iran is a must. OIL FOR THE US OR BUST. Ok, maybe not ALL oil, we also need a massive military 'cause we're Gary Cooper, dammitall, and the American people just don't get it.
On the subject of trust, agreed, question everything. I am of a mind(it's really small, use tweezers to examine) that until clean election laws are enacted(Scalia, with their "free speech" excuse, can kiss my arse) money will be the loudest voice in congress.

6:27 AM  

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