Monday, September 21, 2015

In The Time of Mountains and Moons

Since it will be tomorrow before I continue the Mojito truffle journey, and because it's late at night and I'm awake sitting at the computer, I thought I'd put up something else I wrote.

A friend of mine bought a sculpture by an Apache artist. He asked me about it and I tried to explain about Spirit Dancers, and stuff like that. He's a white guy, a prominent civil rights attorney, very sharp, smart, all the things it takes to become a prominent civil rights attorney.

Which is a roundabout way of saying I got nowhere.

From nowhere I went to poetry. I'm nowhere near the poet of Steve Kuusisto but, in my own sweet way, I try.

Without further ado, asides, or digressions:

we come to this place in our mountains
at the time when the moon rises between two peaks in the east
splitting them exactly

this is because we are not in time
as it is seen by humans but rather
time as it is seen by mountains and moons

we put on the clothes of ceremony
exactly the same way
in the same order

we paint our faces in the certain way
as the faces have always been painted
in this time of mountains and moons

we take out our masks and put them on
exactly the same way that has been done
since before there was human memory

drums begin
singers join the drums
dancers join drums and song

something happens to us then
as we drum sing dance at this time in this place
we share a moment of a dream

others have done this drum sing dance dream
just as we do now others will do at their time
we find that we are the same as those others

this dream that goes back
this dream that goes forward
this dream that is now

this dream that we drum sing dance
into being only on this night
only in this place only at this time

we are part of a thread that goes all the way back
at the same time it goes all the way forward
we share our one soul in the time      
of mountains and moons


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