Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Random Ten

Well, we're winding down the holidays. I'm leaving tomorrow to go for a command performance in California. A New Year's gig. Frankly, even when I was still drinking things like New Year's Eve or St. Paddy's didn't appeal to me all that much. Too many rookies out there muddling up the playing field for us pros. I'm dropping mom back off at her house. Don't get me wrong. I do love my mother. Totally. It's just that for the last month, with the holidays, an increased work schedule, a combination of many things, I've had somebody right in front of me needing to be dealt with in one way or another for about six weeks. This doesn't work well for me. I need time alone, time to myself, like other people need sleep. I'm looking forward to actually getting some of that next month. Whew!

Now, on to the Random Ten:

Wind That Shakes the Barley - - - Bedlam Abbey
Dream a Little Dream of Me - - - Nat "King" Cole Trio
Sixteen Tons - - - Merle Travis
Tipitina - - - Professor Longhair
Pinegrove Blues - - - Sonny Landreath
Spanish Moss - - - Doug Kershaw
Gumboots - - - Paul Simon
These Four Walls - - - Shawn Colvin (from the cd Kona sent me THANKS BRO!)
Make Up Your Mind - - - Lovin' Spoonfull
Sharon - - - David Bromberg

Bonus track

Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down - - - Martin Simpson

What's on ya'll's playlists?


Blogger creature said...

Alone time is key. I totally understand.

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Marcus said...

Here is my list:

1. Blue Collar Man…Styx
2. Yellow Rose of Texas…Hoyt Axton
3. Snow…Loreena McKennitt
4. Before You Accuse Me…Eric Clapton
5. Mental Floss…Jimmy Buffett
6. La Lancha…Willie & Lobo
7. Gold Dust Woman…Fleetwood Mac
8. Atomic…Blondie
9. Friends Will Be Friends…Queen
10. The Cover of “Rolling Stone”…Dr Hook & The Medicine Show

Bonus Track:

XTC vs. Adam Ant…They Might Be Giants

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't have iPod, so no playlists. The Mask and Mirror, by Loreena McKennitt is in the car's CD player at the moment.

- oddjob

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Marcus said...

Oddjob, just download iTunes or other jukebox player, and load up your music. Don't need an iPod, and sometimes the mixes that come out are just...right, I guess is the best word.

11:35 PM  

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