Sunday, July 30, 2006

Please, Tell Me He Didn't Say That (yup he did)

I caught a few minutes of the George Stephanapolous (and his hair!) show this morning and while talking with an Israeli official about a pending investigation the Israeli told him that they knew where the blame for all the civilian casualties in Tyre and the rest of Lebanon rests. It's Hizbullah's fault. We dropped leaflets that said get out. If they are still there we must assume that they are somehow affiliated with Hizbullah. (ummmmm, what if they couldn't get away because you bombed the fucking road asshole?)

This sounds like nothing less than the insane rantings of abusive husbands and parents. "She provoked me into beating the shit outta her, I told her I hate cold eggs in the morning! I told her!" or "Kid lies to his parents, kid gets a beating, the bible says spare the rod you know."

In the early days of the Arizona territory, law and order was represented by a mere twenty-six Arizona Rangers. Their deeds and courage are truly the stuff of legend. There was a judge in Prescott (the capital of the territory) who once ruled a man's death to be a suicide because "A Ranger told him to halt and he didn't."

The thing is, we're not in territorial Arizona, or even family court. If you are killing people whose only crime is not being able to get away you're a war criminal, if your wife or children provoke you and you don't walk away, you're an abuser.

It really is that simple.


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