Thursday, August 03, 2006


From the astonishing   Mazen Kerbaj
in Beruit. The courage, the stubborness, the creativity in the teeth of hell makes me ashamed to be safe while he's in such danger. Reprinted in full from the link above because it's brave, defiant, and beautiful.

i won't stop
a quick post to say two things:

1- even if there is a day where you don't see new posts, you should know that i am drawing every fucking day at least 3 to 4 drawings. just keep checking, they'll be here at some point.

2- i have now a program to check the daily visits. it is around 11000 per day. the real number of visitors is bigger if knowing that a lot of the "regulars" connect once or twice in a week. the real number must be around 15000 maybe.
there is 15000 persons seeing this blog! it's incredible no?
guys if each one of these 15000 can drag 10 more people asking them to drag 10 more, we'll be a fucking million and a half. and if this million can drag some more...
i am not totally naive and more likely a little bit sceptical, but it seems for me that a webtifada is possible. ghandi's concept but on the net. one fucking billion of people saying NO. it looks cheesy i know, but is there something else to do?
anyways, i thank you all (especially the israelis, germans, english and american people who have the balls to refuse what they are told they should do by their government).
i'd like to be able to thank personally, "live", each one of you. it'll take a lifetime, but i'll try. after.

we have a recording session now (with charbel haber, raed yassin, sharif sehnaoui, bechir saadé and myself). a recording session with ALL the lebanese improv scene. pretty small i know.
we fucking resist. we fucking resist. we fucking resist.

i'll try to post the 12 drawings of yesterday this evening. at least some of them.
and sorry again for the emails and comments i am not answering. i am reading EVERYTHING but not finding time to answer.
and sorry not to have erased yet the fucking racist/xenophobe/ brainless comments on some of the drawings. i'll be back on them!


Blogger CirCe said...

I came here because Mazen´s blog.
So happy to find people all around the world caring about.

You play the harp?????? I love it.

peace & kiss

9:31 AM  
Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...

there are many of us who care deeply about what is happening today to lebanon. i was there once in 78. before all this trouble. i miss the beauty of the land and the gracious, generous, kind people. the people of lebanon do not deserve what is being done to them. it's cruelty and destruction for no good reason. stay strong. yes, i play the harp (among other instruments) the music is a strong connection i feel with mazen. RESIST!

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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