Wednesday, April 15, 2020


I love sauerkrat. In quarantine, I've been having fun with slow foods. This is a ten day project.

You will require some special equipment. Something to have the kraut in while it ferments. I use the Easy Fermenter system. It's available everywhere and is a special lid that fits on a quart size wide mouth mason jar.

Sauerkraut is easy.

 1 head of cabbage. The outer leaves removed and the head washed. Then it's cut into quarters and cored. I like the cabbage for kraut shredded, but there are other folks who like it chopped. Please yourself.
 1 1/2 tablespoons kosher salt get sprinkled over the cabbage. I then toss the cabbage with the salt and break out the potato masher and start pounding the cabbage.
 Over the next couple hours I will pound the kraut to release liquid. When the liquid in the bowl starts to splash my arms as I pound it's time to get ready to jar. This is when you can add in the extra flavorings.
 Two serrano chiles, and a tablespoon of cumin seeds.

Then it goes into the sterilized jar, press the kraut down firmly into the jar. We do not want any air bubbles. I use that teriyaki bottle to pack the kraut.

Now it goes onto a dark shelf. Once a day for the first week, I will take my pump and pump out air.

In ten days I will have a brilliant sauerkraut. I mostly use it for tacos. Any good NorteƱo can tell you, cabbage is wonderful on tacos. I like it better than lettuce because it has better crunch and better food value.

A spoon of this kraut on a taco means I don't have to use any salsas or put anything else on it.

Meat, cotija cheese crumbled, and kraut.
I stand ready to offer up any tips or hints if requested.


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